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How to Install a Rain Chain

Rain Chains are Easy to Install!

Remove the existing downspout (it's usually held by a few sheet metal screws).

Installation Kit

1. Remove the bolt.

2. Drop the RCR-1 cylindrical outlet piece into the gutter hole (with or without the optional reinforcement sleeve) with a little silicone adhesive or similar (not included).

3. Install the rain chain from below using the bolt.

*If you are making a new hole for the installation kit, 2 1/4" is the correct diameter.

Using a rain chain installation kit

V-Hook Installation

Place the chain in the V of the hook, bend the ends together to insert into the hole, and spread apart to fit.


Rain chain V-hook installation

Cup Style Rain Chain Instructions

If you purchased a cup style rain chain design, it may have been delivered to you with cups and top wires separated. This means smaller packaging and less damage during shipping.


The connecting wires have small threaded nuts at the ends.

1. Remove one nut from the connecting wire.

2. Insert the wire through the outside top hole of the cup, through the lower wire of the cup above and out through the opposite hole.

3. Reattach the nut, threading it firmly onto the wire.

Loctite® Blue adhesive is recommended for the nuts to stay permanently, especially in windy or cold locations, and for longer than 10-foot lengths of rain chain. Loctite® is available at any hardware or home improvement store. This product will secure the nut but it will still be removable.

Installation Kit, Rain Chain and Dish with Loop
Anchoring a rain chain with a copper dish and stake