How to Install a Rain Chain

Install Your V-Hook or Installation Kit

Installation kits or Link Chain Reducers can always be added afterwards if needed

Install Your Link Chain Reducer

Step #3: Install your Link Chain Reducer.

Skip this section if you didn't purchase a Link Chain Reducer.

Link Chain Reducers are primarily used with Link Style Rain Chains. They help to funnel water that flows out of the Installation Kit directly onto the rain chain. This will help more water flow down the rain chain and reduce splashing.

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Assemble Your Rain Chain

Secure Your Rain Chain to The Ground

Anchor Stakes or Pins

The Rain Chain Anchor Stake™ and the Rain Chain Anchor Pin are both great solutions for securing your rain chain to the ground.

Simply run the stake into the area directly below your rain chain and connect your rain chain with the included lightweight copper chain.

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Dishes and Basins

We offer a variety of dishes and basins that can be connected to your rain chain with a handy Loop-Kit. The Loop-Kit comes with a section of lightweight chain that's easy to connect to your rain chain. We recommend adding stones to the bottom of the basin or dish to add weight.

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Underground Drains

Another solution is to connect your rain chain to a drainage grate. The rainwater will run away from the house through the underground drain. This is a popular option for new construction homes, or for homes that are getting a professional landscape remodel.

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