Connecting Your Rain Chain to A Drain

February 08, 2022

Connecting Your Rain Chain to A Drain

Often homes have in-ground drains that a downspout would normally run into, there are a few ways you can utilize these drains by connecting a rain chain to them!

It's very important to consider drainage when you're installing your rain chain. The grade of your landscaping will be a big factor, as well as the amount of rainfall you receive. French drains are very common in landscaping, and it's possible to run a rain chain to them as opposed to a traditional gutter.

We suggest using cup style rain chains to reduce splashing and ensure that water runs to the drain grate. If you're in an area that doesn't receive a lot of rainfall, splashing might not be a concern and a link style rain chain may work great for you. Here are a few ways you can attach the rain chain to the grate!

Twist Wire Attachment:

A simple way to attach a rain chain to a drain grate is with some industrial wire from a local hardware store. First, make sure the rain chain ends very close the drain itself.

By feeding the wire through the drain grate and around the bottom of the rain chain, you will be able to twist the wire together to secure it. Once the wire is nice and tight you should be able to trim and tuck the excess wire out of sight in the drain.

Copper Accessory Chain:

The Copper Accessory Chain that we offer is pliable, so you'll be able to open the links and adjust the length. This will allow you to attach one end of the copper accessory chain to the grate and one end to the last link or cup in your rain chain. A plus side of this method is that you won't need to run a rain chain directly up to the drain because the accessory chain can be adjusted to get the perfect fit.

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Loop-kit Attachment:

We offer the same Loop-Kit that is used to attach rain chains to dishes and basins as a separate product. These are designed to create a rain chain attachment point on anything you’d like.

Keep in mind this Loop-Kit won't be compatible with every drain grate, but it may be a helpful solution depending on your setup.

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