Installing a Rain Chain Installation Kit

We recommend using an installation kit with every rain chain! They provide a more secure attachment point and greatly increase functionality during rainfall.

The installation kit you choose to use might look slightly different than the ones pictured here, but the installation process will remain mostly the same for all installation kits. If you're not sure which style installation kit you need, follow the link below to learn more about the different options.

We offer a variety of installation kits to fit different gutter setups. Find the right fit for your home:

Learn More About Rain Chain Installation Kits

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove existing downspout (if necessary*)
  2. Remove the D-Clip from installation kit
  3. Confirm that your installation kit will fit in your gutter
  4. Determine if extra flange is needed for your gutter opening
  5. Spread silicone adhesive on flange
  6. Drop the cylindrical outlet piece into your gutter hole
  7. Connect your rain chain to the installation kit by the D-Clip

*If you are making a new hole for the installation kit, 2 1/4" is the correct diameter for a standard Installation Kit.