Rain Chain Cup Assembly Instructions

If you purchased a cup style rain chain design, it may have been delivered to you with cups and top wires separated. This means smaller packaging and less damage during shipping.

How to assemble your cup style rain chain:
  1. Remove cups and wires from packaging.
  2. The wires on the bottom of the cups are fixed. The connecting wires that attach to the top of each cup are separate.
  3. Remove the small threaded nuts from a connecting wire (skip this step if your chain does not come with threaded nuts).
  4. Feed the wire through the small holes in the top of the cup.
  5. Reattach the nuts, threading them firmly onto the wire. This will be your first cup. (We recommend using Loctite® Blue adhesive)
  6. To attach the second cup, feed another wire through the wire at the bottom of the first cup.
  7. Remove the nuts from the wire.
  8. Feed the wire through the small holes in the top of the second cup.
  9. Replace the nuts at the end of the wire.
  10. Repeat this process until your rain chain has reached your desired length.

Loctite® Blue adhesive is recommended for the nuts to stay permanently, especially in windy or cold locations, and for longer than 10-foot lengths of rain chain. Loctite® is available at any hardware or home improvement store. This product will secure the nut, but it will still be removable.