Installation Kits and Link Chain Reducers

Let’s take a look at how we can use some simple accessories to help funnel water onto your rain chain and reduce splashing during rainfall.

These two Rain Chain Accessories are great for those who live in climates that receive a lot of rainfall. They're designed and produced with the same great quality as the rest of the beautiful rain chains we sell!

Installation Kits

The Installation Kit is an accessory we recommend using with all of our rain chains. The slightly tapered tube will help direct rainwater from your gutter down onto the rain chain. This will help your rain chain function properly. Installation Kits will also help secure the rain chain to your gutter more effectively. We offer a variety of Installation Kits to fit your gutter style perfectly!

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Rain Chain Installation Kit in copper

Link Chain Reducers

The Link Chain Reducer is a great accessory to use with Link Style Rain Chains. They're designed to catch rainwater that flows out of the Installation Kit and funnel it through an even smaller opening directly onto the Link Style Rain Chain. This allows more rainwater to flow down the chain without missing it and helps reduce splashing.

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Rain Chain Link Chain Reducer in Aluminum