Home & Garden Composting Equipment

Start composting at home with our variety of composters and composting equipment!

At Nutshell Stores, we have a large selection of garden and home composting equipment. Composting the food scraps that get created in your kitchen is a great way to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfills every week. It will also provide your garden with valuable fertilizer that’s made out of the recycled organic waste! Traditionally this has been done with a simple pile that accumulates in your backyard while the organic scraps from your kitchen breakdown. This causes issues with animals and pests feeding on your compost pile as well as the unpleasant look of the compost pile in your yard. With our compost bins and tumblers, you’ll be able to store your compost in a container while it breaks down and turns into useful fertilizer. View our garden and home composting equipment below.