Vegepod Features

Vegepod self watering garden bed


Container Gardening

Vegepod raised garden beds are completely self-contained and will fit perfectly in your home or apartment. Growing your vegetables in this contained garden that's up off the ground and away from other plants will allow you to protect them from pests and control vegetable growth to your liking.

Choose between three sizes to fit your space and your growing needs perfectly. Garden maintenance is minimal with Vegepod, it’s simply the easiest way to grow your own vegetables!

  • Protects Soil
  • Stops Contamination
  • Controls Nutrient Levels
  • Retains Warmth
  • Portable and Durable
  • Easy to Fill and Maintain


Vegepod diagram




The Vegepod is a self-watering garden bed! This will allow you to grow food right in your backyard without having to stress about forgetting to water your plants properly. Vegepod utilizes a wicking system. The wick is the soil or perlite that’s in contact with the water in the reservoir at the base of the garden bad. The soil will stay moist and your plant's roots will locate this moisture.

It’s important to water seeds and seedlings daily for a week or more. After that the reservoir will have enough water to keep the plant healthy. It’s a good idea to reduce watering significantly once the plant is established. Over-watering can cause as much harm to your plants as under-watering.


Vegepod diagram


Protective Cover

The VegeCover is a specialized polyethylene knitted mesh made just for Vegepod. The VegeCover allows for air and water to penetrate while providing a shade-rate of 17%. This will protect your veggies from harsh heat and provide a superior growing environment. The cover is also great for protecting your plants from wildlife and bugs or other pests.

The VegeCover also comes with a mist-spray watering system! Simply plug into a standard hose fitting and you’re ready to water. You can even attach a timer to your tap to water while you’re away! The protective cover of the Vegepod will ensure your plants grow big and healthy without the worry of being damaged or consumed early!

  • Provides a Micro-Climate
  • Promotes Rapid Growth & Higher Yields
  • Permeable to Air and Water
  • Hinged Lid for Full Access to Plants
  • Mist-Spray Watering System