Rain Chain Installation Kits, Explained

February 08, 2022

Rain Chain Installation Kits, Explained

Wondering which installation kit you should use?

There are many types of Rain Chain Installation kits designed to accommodate different types of gutters, lets look at them so you can choose the one best for you!

Standard Installation Kits

These installation kits are designed to fit the most common gutters, which are typically about 5" wide and have flat bottoms. The Standard Installation Kit is the most common installation kit used. It does come with a larger flange to ensure a good fit on slightly larger gutters.

We offer a large version of this installation kit, which is called the Large Installation Kit. It's designed to fit oversized 6" gutters that are usually custom made for homes. These gutters are usually between 4 and 6 inches wide. Keep in mind the Large Installation Kit is designed to be used with cup style rain chains with a 3" top opening or larger. It may also be paired with a Link Chain Reducer for use with any Link Style Rain Chain

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large vs regular rain chain installation kit

Half Round Installation kits

The Half Round Installation Kits are designed to fit in rounded style gutters, which are becoming much more common, especially in pure copper. They function the same as regular installation kits and come in both sizes for large 6" and regular 5" gutters.

The Half Round Installation Kit will fit standard width rounded gutters. Keep in mind, the Large Half Round Installation Kit is also designed to be used with cup style rain chains with a 3" top opening or larger. It may be paired with a Link Chain Reducer for use with any Link Style Rain Chain. 

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Half round rain chain installation kit

Specialty Installation Kits

These Installation Kits are designed to fit very specific gutter setups. Everything from needing a little extra length and lowering your Rain Chain, to using a Rain Chain without a gutter at all!

Offset Installation Kit

The function of the Offset Installation Kit is to move your rain chain a few inches further away from your home. This is ideal if you want your rainwater to drop a little further away from your home or if you have a clearance issue. The Offset Installation Kit will also work great if you intend to use a Rain Barrel with your rain chain. It will allow you to bump your Rain Chain further from your home to align closer to the collection hole on the rain barrel!

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Offset rain chain installation kit

Long Installation Kit

These installation kits are the same size as the Standard Installation Kit, except for the tube, which is 6" as opposed to 3". These installation kits will give your rain chain some extra length without diminishing the function of the chain. There is some splashing that occurs when rain chains are used. The Long Installation Kit allows you to direct water further from your gutter before it hits the rain chain. The outlet of this installation kit will allow you to increase your rain chains length by 6 inches.

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long rain chain installation kit

Corner Leaderhead

This is a great accessory if you don’t have gutters, but would like to install a rain chain. You will need to position it in the "valley" where two rooflines join. It will allow you utilize a rain chain as well as direct water flow in a runoff area that otherwise would flow uncontrolled during rainstorms or snowmelt. These copper Corner Leaderheads look best with Copper Rain Chains!

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Rain chain corner leaderhead