Rain Barrel Instructions

Here are step by step instructions to help you set up your new rain barrel!

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Rain Barrel Setup:

1) Remove screen with a screw driver. Locate the hardware kit inside (brass spigot and plumber's tape). Reattach screen.

2) Wrap the tape around the threaded end of the spigot in a counterclockwise direction.

Rain Barrel component

3) Select an appropriate house downspout for use.

4) If you are using a rain diverter, go to step 6. Position the barrel next to the downspout.

If your barrel will be on a stand or somehow elevated, be sure that it is raised to its final assembled height before step 5.

5) Mark a point on the downspout 4" (101 mm) above the screen.

6) Carefully cut your downspout at your mark or according to rain diverter instructions. Move the base back against the wall, keeping it level or slightly pitched forward.

7) Enjoy pure fresh rain water!

Rain Barrel Maintenance:

  • Remove debris that accumulates on the screen.
  • Rinse out the barrel before and after storing.
  • Drain the barrel completely if temperatures are to drop below freezing.
  • Pressure will decrease as the barrel drains. If flow is minimal and the barrel is more than halfway full, remove the spigot and check for debris inside the barrel.

Rain Barrel Use:

  • WATER IS NOT POTABLE! If you intend to use collected rainwater for drinking, be sure to follow proper sanitization procedures.
  • Attach a soaker hose to conveniently water plants
  • Use a pump attachment to increase pressure regardless of water level.
  • Due to certain environmental conditions, you may notice a slight bulge in the rain barrel. This bulge does not affect the integrity of the rain barrel.