Selecting Your BatBnB Model

Thank you for your interest in bat house habitats!

All of the BatBnB bat houses have been vetted by Dr. Merlin Tuttle, a world renowned bat conservationist, to ensure the highest chances of occupancy as they have been designed with the bats' needs in mind!

The main differences between the modes are the number of chambers; one or two. The single chambered boxes (the Sonora, the Cascade, and the Arroyo) can comfortably house between 40-50 bats, and the dual chambered boxes (the Seneca, Meramec, and the Carlsbad) accommodate up to 120 bats.

A common small bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in a night! Also, the dual-chamber houses are slightly warmer because they are larger, and therefore may be more preferable for the bats. Once you've decided on the size of the house you want, the rest comes down to your personal style preference.

Watch the video to help you choose which BatBnB might be best for you!