• Dakota 283 Dog Kennels

    High quality dog crates built for travel and adventure!

About Dakota 283

Kennels Built For Travel

Traveling with dogs is becoming more and more popular. When we go on a road trip we can wear our seatbelts in case of a crash. Unfortunately, dogs don’t have the ability to buckle up when they’re riding in the backseat.

These kennels provide the ultimate pet protection for your pup while you’re both on the move. The strong construction will help prevent the kennel from being smashed during a collision and the kennel will hold them in place rather than being tossed around in an abrupt stop. We cannot recommend adding this level of protection enough for your best friend on a road trip!

Quality-Made Dog Crates

These dog kennels are all made with high quality resin and formed as a single piece. This means that you’ll never have to worry about them coming disassembled. The plastic used is great at fending off bacteria when you purchase the anti-microbial protection option.

These Dakota 283 dog kennels are molded and assembled in the USA. They’re made from tough plastic that’s designed to keep your pup safe and secure during transport. The ultra-secure lock is designed to give you piece of mind. With multiple color options we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect color to fit your style too!

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Matching Kennel Mats

If you’ve ever bought a bed to go inside your dog’s kennel than you know it’s a bit of a guessing game. More often than not your dog will ball it up or it won’t fit properly. Dog toys and treats will disappear in cracks until you clean it out.

With these custom fit dog beds, you will never have those problems. The G3 Kennels have perfectly fit dog beds that won’t leave spaces and will always lay flat, so your dog is comfortable. They also come with great covers that are easily cleaned of dog hair, treat crumbs, and anything else that might show up in your dog’s kennel.

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Great for Puppies!

It’s important to crate train your new puppy at home and it’s a great idea to have a high-quality kennel from the very start. The Dakota 283 Forever Insert Kennel Divider is a great option for new puppies. By simply blocking off the back half of a larger G3 series kennel you can make a full-sized kennel the perfect size for your puppy and adjust as they grow!

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