• Tumbleweed Composters & Worm Farms

    Reduce, re-use, and recycle organic waste at home!

Close the loop on sustainability.

Tumbleweed is a privately owned Australian company with a vision to make a significant contribution to our earth’s environmental sustainability. We love Tumbleweed because they offer a wide selection of worm farms and composters to fit a variety of households. We’re excited to help Tumbleweed with their vision and provide our customers with composting solutions that work with their lifestyles. The goal is to help to make composting a simple part of the daily routine.

About Worm Farming

Worms are amazing at turning organic kitchen waste into valuable nutrient rich soil! They’re full of countless beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help sustain the life and fertility of our horticultural and agricultural systems.

When living in your worm farm, worms will eat up to 6-8 lbs. of your kitchen waste every week, then turn it into worm castings, which is rich plant food! They also produce worm tea, which is a valuable liquid fertilizer that can be used to improve the health of your garden.

Worm farms are an extremely efficient way of recycling your kitchen scraps and they’re a great way to get the whole family involved in composting.

  • Compost Bins & Tumblers

About Composters

These compost bins and tumblers are perfect for households that want to start composting outdoors but don’t have room for large and bulky compost piles. You can tuck them away in an out-of-sight area, even in smaller yards. The tumblers are great options because they make it easier to turn and aerate your compost. The bin is a great option if your family produces a lot of organic waste.

These varmint proof designs will prevent animals from being attracted to the smell of the compost and will keep them out of your yard and garden. The plastic used to produce these products is made from 100% recycled materials and provides UV protection.

Recycle your organic waste into a rich fertilizer and use it to feed our earth