Urban Worm Bag Eco: Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles!


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  • Made with recycled plastic bottles
  • Removable zipper-free bottom
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Marine-grade zippered top
  • Zipper-free fully removable bottom
  • Lightweight, durable frame

More Product Information:

Made with recycled plastic bottles in North America!

The Urban Worm Bag Eco is the newest in the line of Urban Worm Bags. We've partnered with a Tijuana MX-based textile manufacturer to give you a much more sustainably-sourced option when purchasing your Urban Worm Bag!

The Urban Worm Bag Eco has identical form and function to the popular Urban Worm Bag Version 2. It has the same dimensions, the same patented removable bottom, and the same coloring.

Need Composting Worms?

Red Wigglers are the most common composting worms as they can tolerate the greatest range of environmental conditions. You can expect 800-1000 worms per pound. 

We recommend ordering composting worms after you receive and set up your worm farm.

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