7-Foot Leaf Burrito®

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  • Patented yard debris collection tool
  • Designed for commercial landscapers
  • Holds 6-12 bags worth of debris
  • Made with industrial-grade breathable mesh
  • UV-coated for durability
  • 5 heavy-duty YKK zippers
  • 10 ergonomic handles

 More Product Information:

The 7-foot Leaf Burrito® bags are great for lighter-weight materials such as leaves, weeds, hedge clippings and grass clippings. Eliminates single-use bags and short-lived tarps and burlaps! This patented 5-zipper design starts completely flat for instant loading and can be incredibly stuffed.

This 7-foot version is designed for commercial landscaping crews to carry almost anything and includes 10 different handles for ergonomic maneuvering. It can be used like a fireman’s blanket where contents don’t necessarily have to be zipped. Ideal for landscaper teams of crew members or for residential users.

Type: Garden Tools

More About Leaf Burrito®

Multiple bags can be zipped together to create a longer drag or used as a trailer cover, or as a base layer for trailers before adding mulch or topsoil. Includes a large identification patch where you can write in your truck or trailer number.

These burritos will NOT roll away, blow away, or collect water for mosquitoes like garbage cans and tarps. The compact design stores the size of a folded beach towel. Safer and more ergonomic for landscape staffers compared to overloaded and dangerous tarps.

Note designed to be used for residential city solid waste curbside collections. Instead, the 5-foot Leaf Burrito should be used for residential yard waste servicing.