5-Foot Leaf Burrito®

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  • Patented yard debris collection tool
  • Holds 4-6 bags worth of debris
  • Made with industrial-grade breathable mesh
  • UV-coated for durability
  • 5 heavy-duty YKK zippers
  • 11 ergonomic handles
  • Rubber-Grip corner handles
  • Opened flat dimensions: 5’ x 7.33’
  • Zipped dimensions: 5’ x 3’

 More Product Information:

The 5-foot Leaf Burrito® bags are great for heavier volumes such as dense grass clippings, mulch, etc. They can stand up on end like a roll-out garbage can for additional compacting & loading and are easier to maneuver in tight areas.

The Leaf Burrito® is safer and more ergonomic for landscaping staff, compared to overloaded and dangerous tarps. While team-lifting, they won't sag or drag with heavy loaded material. A back handle in the middle allows a single user to hop or carry the bag while it is standing up. These 5-footers have 11 different handles in total for ergonomic maneuvering and it can be used like a fireman’s blanket where contents don’t necessarily have to be zipped.

Type: Garden Tools

More About Leaf Burrito®

Multiple bags can be zipped together to create a longer drag or used as a trailer cover, or as a base layer for trailers before adding mulch or topsoil. Stores compactly to the size of a folded bath towel and will not collect water when stacked or stored on your truck or trailer. Includes a large identification patch to write in street address or company name. This size is great for landscapers and homeowners.

These bags are approved in select cities as an "approved container" for municipality curbside emptying.