How To De-Winterize Your Rain Barrel

March 25, 2022

How to De-Winterize your Rain Barrel

You’ve had your rain barrel stored all winter long, now spring is here and it’s time to set it back up!

Getting your rain barrel ready to harvest water again is simple, but there are a few small things you should remember to avoid water loss.

1. Close the spigot

You should have left your spigot open when you stored it, make sure you close it before setup to avoid your first water from running right out of the bottom.

2. Check for debris

All sorts of things can end up in rain barrels. From simple spiderwebs and dust, to mice or other critters. Make sure you give your rain barrel a quick peak inside and give it a rinse if necessary!

3. Set back in place

Now you’re good to bring your barrel back out to where it will collect water. Be sure to inspect the area while setting it up, make sure the ground the barrel or its stand are set on is still stable and level. It’s also best to confirm that your downspout still works well and doesn’t have debris stuck in it.

Now you’re ready for another season of collecting rainwater and creating a more sustainable household!

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