Solexx Harvester Greenhouse


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  • Extra strong composite frame
  • Twin-wall Solexx™ panels
  • 2 full-length hanging rods
  • Louver w/auto opener
  • Double-tiered and single-tiered full length bench frames
  • Benches hold over 2000lbs total in 8x8 greenhouse
  • Lockable door
  • 10-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Perfect next to a fence or building!

The Harvester Greenhouse is the perfect choice when you want a greenhouse to hug a house wall, garage, deck, or fence. Situate this greenhouse anywhere that’s convenient for you, it even works as a stand-alone! No need to attach it to your house, it’s completely enclosed for maximum strength, insulation, and solar heat collection.

The Harvester Greenhouse features the best of both worlds: a 29" deep double-tiered bench frame for maximum growing on one side and a single-tier bench frame on the other side for tall plants and easy work access! The lockable door can be installed on either end for easy access to the light, roomy growing area.

Type: Greenhouses

More Product Information:

Undeniable Durability

Solexx offers a 10-year UV warranty with an even longer life expectancy. Strong and shatter-proof, Solexx withstands snow, wind, and hail and won’t fade or yellow over time. Best of all, it requires very little maintenance.

Most Economical to Heat

Solexx twin-wall panels provide superior insulation to hold in the warmth and keep your heating costs low. Plants thrive while you save on energy costs. Solexx’s high R factor of 2.1 to 2.3 holds in the heat better than the competition, saving you hundreds of dollars on your heating costs.

Superior Light Diffusion

Solexx is white for a reason—it produces an even, diffuse light proven to accelerate plant growth up to 25% compared to greenhouses with clear panels (direct light). The diffuse light in Solexx glows evenly, reaching into every corner of the greenhouse.

*5mm Panels are recommended for high altitude, heavy snow areas.

Why Solexx Outshines the Rest:

Save money, grow healthier plants, and lower energy bills with a greenhouse that lasts!