Handcrafted Slim Garden Tool Set


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  • Handmade in the USA
  • Made using traditional blacksmithing techniques
  • Shaped by hand with a hammer and anvil
  • Finished with solid steel rivets
  • Hand turned American Black Walnut handles
  • Each tool is approx. 13" long

Kit Includes:

  • Large Garden Trowel
  • Three-Tined Rake
  • Pointed Garden Hoe

Type: Garden Tools

More Product Information:

This handmade garden tool set features 3 gardening tools with slimmer 7-inch handles turned from American Black Walnut and finished by hand with marine spar varnish. With this tool set you'll receive a three tined rake, large planting trowel, and pointed hand hoe. These essential tools are everything you will need to plant and maintain an amazing garden!

These gardening tools are the perfect gift to pass down for generations to come. These tools are hand forged by Fisher Blacksmithing right here in the USA. Each piece is made using the traditional method of heating metal to 1700 degrees and shaping them over an anvil.

The slim handles on this set are very comfortable and have a more sleek, modern look. The hand forged metal they're made from will provide a great classic look, while still proving to be extremely functional around your yard. Whether you're planting bulbs or tackling difficult weeds, these tools will not only look great in your toolshed, but will perform great in your hand while withstanding the test of time!