Aeroplus 6000 - 3-Stage Composter


  • 140-Gallon 3-stage composter
  • High-quality vertical composter
  • Large, durable, and easy to operate design
  • Crank handle to move waste from 2nd to 3rd chamber
  • In the process both chambers get mixed
  • Top chamber seals tight to keep flies out
  • Made of weatherproof, durable recycled plastic
  • Elements are ergonomically designed and snap into place
  • Made in Austria

Assembled Dimensions:

Length Width Height Weight
31 in 31 in 43 in 22 lbs.

More Product Information:

The Aeroplus 6000 is the latest in multi-stage vertical composting. This product was the winner of Red Dot Design Award - Best of the Best 2013. Designed to take up less space that 2 or 3 regular compost bins. Constructed of 5mm thick plastic, the Aeroplus is much more durable than other 3 stage units.

 The walls include the unique "active" aeration system which provides controlled air flow for optimal microbial action. The lid is hinged with turning handle "lock" to keep animals out.

Stage 1: Collect fresh organic matter in the large top bin.

Stage 2: Push waste through to 2nd level to undergo main breakdown process, turn the side handle to drop compost to maturing chamber.

Stage 3: Let the compost mature - when full empty as needed.

Type: Composters