Root Quencher®

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  • Reduce water loss due to evaporation
  • Reduce outside water bill by 50%
  • Automate deep watering
  • Fertilize easily
  • Promote deep root growth
  • Improve plant & tree health
  • Significantly increase fruit yields
  • Eliminate broken sprinkler heads
  • Adjustable water volume and length
  • Integrates with PVC pipe, drip irrigation, or hose
  • .125 GPM – 2 GPM
  • Made in the USA

Meet Root Quencher®

A sub-surface watering device for trees and shrubs!

The Root Quencher was born out of the desire for better fruit crops as well as the ability to conserve water and to effectively deliver water and nourishment to landscaping. The Root Quencher is now made with recycled plastic! 

Keeping your trees and plants properly hydrated and fed, in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way, has been a challenge for decades. With the Root Quencher, there is zero evaporation because it waters underground, right at the roots.

Root Quencher makes fertilizing easy, plus it can connect to your sprinkler system to automate deep watering and help promote root growth. It can also be used as a stand-alone device.

Type: Root Waterer

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More Product Information:

The Root Quencher sub-surface watering system allows for direct and controlled watering for landscaping and gardening. This allows you to not spend too much time and water spraying trees and plants hoping that the proper amount of water seeps through the soil to roots.

Root Quencher allows you to use up to 50% less water in your yard!

This method of direct watering allows for great fruit and edible gardening yields as well as stronger and healthier trees. This also works great for using fertilizer in the same cost saving method, simply remove the top of the Root Quencher and drop in your desired amount of fertilizer. It will be directly distributed to your plants roots rather than all over your yard.

Installation is simple, dig a hole in your desired location and drop in the Root Quencher, connect to your preferred water source, and adjust to your desired volume of water!