Complete your outdoor space with Vita planters!

March 15, 2024

Vita planters for your backyard

Whether you're aiming to cultivate a thriving vegetable garden, adorn your home with vibrant flowers, or create a private sanctuary, Vita planters and garden beds have you covered.

In the pursuit of a beautiful and functional backyard, Vita planters offer an array of options to elevate your outdoor space. Let's explore how you can complete your yard with planters from Vita in each of these categories!

Vegetable Gardens:

When it comes to growing your own produce, Vita provides the perfect solution. These planters will not only yield fresh, organic vegetables but also add visual appeal to your yard.

Planters with Trellis:

Incorporating vertical gardening, these planters maximize space efficiency while providing support for climbing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans. Check out the Rosewood Planter with Trellis for a stylish and functional option.

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Raised Garden Beds:

Ideal for those with limited mobility or space, raised garden beds offer ergonomic gardening and better soil drainage. The Mezza 30x40 Veg Farm is a prime example, providing ample space for a variety of vegetables.

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Grid Garden Beds:

Designed for easy assembly and versatility, grid garden beds allow you to customize your planting layout effortlessly. The Classic 4x4x11 Garden Bed with GroGrid ensures optimal growing conditions for your plants.

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Composting Garden Beds:

Sustainability meets functionality with composting garden beds. The Classic 8x12 Keyhole Composting Garden integrates composting directly into your gardening routine, promoting nutrient-rich soil for healthier plants.

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Flower Planters:

Beautify your home and outdoor living space with planters from Vita that showcase your favorite flowers and greenery. The great looking planters add to the natural beauty that your flowers provide!

Pillar Planters:

Elevate your garden design with pillar planters, adding height and dimension to your floral arrangements. The Urbana Pillar Planter exudes elegance and charm, perfect for enhancing your entryway or patio.

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Indoor Planters:

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with self-watering planters that make plant care a breeze. The Vaxa 14 Self-Watering Planter ensures your plants thrive with minimal effort, making it an excellent choice for busy plant enthusiasts.

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Cedar Planters:

Crafted from durable cedar wood, these planters offer both longevity and aesthetics. The Mezza 12 Cube Planter combines rustic charm with modern design, seamlessly complementing any outdoor setting.

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Large Planters:

Make a statement with large planters that command attention and provide ample space for your favorite botanicals. The Urbana Parklette Planter Combo offers versatility and sophistication, perfect for creating a striking focal point in your yard or garden.

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Privacy Landscaping:

Transform your backyard into a tranquil retreat with Vita planters that serve as both decorative elements and privacy screens, great for any backyard!

Enhance privacy while adding greenery to your outdoor space with large planters equipped with trellises. The Urbana Parklette Combo with Trellis provides a stylish solution for creating secluded areas in your yard.

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With planters and garden beds from Vita, you can seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics into your yard, whether you're cultivating a thriving vegetable garden, enhancing your home with vibrant flowers, or creating a private oasis. Explore the diverse range of planters to bring your outdoor vision to life and elevate your yard to new heights of beauty and functionality.