Växa 14” Self-Watering Planter


  • Self-watering planter
  • Outer body is durable impact resistant polymer
  • Polypropylene inner liner
  • Stand is constructed from strong, sustainable bamboo
  • Color: Graphite or Stone
  • Faux-stone finish
  • Reversible bamboo stand allows for two height options
  • Self-watering feature prevents over- and under-watering
  • Built in reservoir draws water to roots for up to two weeks
  • Water gauge lets you know when to refill the reservoir
  • Drainage plug allows for the removal of excess water
  • 2-year warranty
  • Soil Capacity: 0.9 cu ft.
  • Assembled Weight: 11 lbs.

Planter Dimensions:

Length Width Height
15.5 in 15.5 in 26 in

More Product Information:

"Växa is the point where form and functionality meet. An intuitive self-watering planter with modern flair, the smartly designed Växa offers a convenient low-maintenance take on houseplants, without compromising on style.

Växa’s minimalist silhouette and faux-stone finish adds a touch of stylish sophistication to any space. The removable stand is crafted from strong, sustainable bamboo, whose sleek black design complements any décor for an effortlessly timeless appeal. Please note, the Växa planter's color may change in appearance in varying light.

The irrigation system allows plants to take as much or as little water and nutrients as they need, when they need them. Just fill up the reservoir and let Växa take care of the rest. The visual water gauge lets you know how much water is left in your planter and when it's time to refill.

Separate or paired, with or without the stand, indoors or outdoors. This unique two pack allows for a range of styling options. For outdoor use, the drainage plug should be removed if planter is subjected to rainfall to avoid collecting too much water. The bamboo stand will weather in the elements and is intended for indoor use only.

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Type: Planters