OverEZ Regular Chicken Run Tarp


  • Free Standard Shipping!
  • Fits Regular 8 Ft Chicken Run
  • Provides protection from elements
  • Fits securely to the Run
  • Wraps around the edges of Run
  • Heavy duty canvas tarp
  • Grommets every 12" with ties
  • Run not included

Fits 7’ x 8’ x 4’ Chicken Run and covers half of the 7’ x 16’ x 4’ Chicken Run (To cover entire 16' Run purchase 2 tarps)

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Product Dimensions:

Length Width
8 ft 7 ft

More Product Information:

Keep your chickens cool and dry while they roam around their chicken run. The lineup of OverEZ chicken runs allows for chickens to roam during the day with protection from predators. With the addition of these specifically designed tarps, they will have protection from the elements too!

Whether it’s protection from rain and moisture or giving your chickens much needed shade from the summer sun, these tarps work great!

Type: Chicken Runs