OverEZ Chicken Coop Shipping Policy

OverEZ Chicken Coops are available to ship free to the lower 48 states. Unfortunately, we cannot currently serve Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.


For smaller items like Coop Accessories, Feeders, and Waterers, we use carriers like FedEx or UPS. These will be conveniently dropped off at your front door without any prior appointment or phone call.


For larger items, which include Coops, Runs, and Greenhouses, we utilize LTL freight. You will receive a phone call from the shipping company to inform you about the delivery. These items are delivered using a Tractor trailer, typically 50' or longer. Should there be any issues accessing your location with such a vehicle, neither the shipper, Nutshell Stores, nor OverEZ holds responsibility. In such cases, you'll need to contact the shipping company to arrange an alternative.

Your location is deemed inaccessible for tractor trailer delivery if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Roads leading to your home have low hanging branches.
  • Single lane Roads
  • There are gated passes or entry codes.
  • There are small or narrow bridges.
  • The road is a dirt one or has no outlet.
  • There's no space for the vehicle to turn around.
  • Your residence is on an island.

If you face any of the above challenges, consider one of these solutions:

  • Collect your product from a nearby terminal. (For product dimensions, reach out to us via email or phone call.)
  • Coordinate with the truck to meet at a more accessible location near your home, so you can transfer the product to another vehicle.

Remember to contact the shipping company to organize either of these options. It's crucial to note that freight companies only commit to delivering up to the base of your driveway. They won't proceed up your driveway or position your order in a particular spot. If these delivery terms aren't met, you'll bear the return shipping fees.

We do not promise specific delivery dates or times. It's the customer's duty to be available for delivery within 1-15 business days post-purchase. Should the shipping company face difficulties reaching you, you'll cover all costs related to storage, re-consignment fees, or return shipping.

Damaged Items: Upon receiving, always inspect your items.

Should they be damaged:

  • For minor packaging damage, mark the delivery as "damaged".
  • For significant damages, refuse the delivery outright.
  • In both scenarios, please contact OverEZ Chicken Coop to report. (Always take photos)

Missing Items: Each Coop or Run should arrive on its own pallet.

If anything is missing:

Note down the count of missing items and label it as "SHORT" on the Bill of Lading (BOL). Call us immediately at (877) 696-8889.

For damages and missing items ensure you write on the BOL personally and refrain from allowing the driver to do it on your behalf.