OverEZ Regular 16' Chicken Run


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  • Fits any OverEZ Chicken Coop door
  • Exterior door with hinges and latch
  • Provides protection from predators
  • Strong construction
  • Frame: Pre-painted steel square tubing
  • 2x2 13-gauge wire mesh
  • Bottom perimeter: 1x2, 13-gauge wire mesh

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Product Dimensions:

Length Width Height
16 ft 7 ft 4 ft

More Product Information:

Free chickens are happy chickens! The OverEZ chicken runs are a great pairing with the coops and will allow your chickens to get out and walk around while remaining safe and sheltered. Chickens are both happier and healthier when they can have some room to stretch their legs during the day. These Chicken runs allow you to let your chickens out into a section of your yard while you’re away at work during the day. The strong construction and design of these runs allows you to be comfortable leaving them. Predators and other animals will not be able to get into the chicken run and your chickens will be safe all day long.

This chicken run will work with any size OverEZ Chicken Coop, so you can match the size of run and coop to your yard perfectly. This run can be used with other chicken coops as well.

Type: Chicken Runs