Mixed Petals Kanji Cups Rain Chain


This item is on back order. We're currently accepting pre-orders for the next shipment. This rain chain is crafted by hand and is currently in production. Estimated to ship in September.

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  • Cost per linear foot: $36.00
  • Large flower petals are pure copper
  • Cups are supported by thick hand-cast brass bases
  • Pure brass links connect each flower cup
  • Designed and Patented in the USA
  • Number of cups per 8 ft. length: 13
  • Recommended Accessory: Installation Kit
  • 3.5 Out of 5: Water Flow Index

Rain Chain Specifications:

Cup Width Cup Height Bottom Opening
4 3/4" 4 1/4" 3/4"

NOTE: We gladly accommodate special orders, large orders and custom lengths; please contact customer service.

More Product Information:

This is a spectacular rain chain! The Mixed Petals Kanji Cups Rain Chain is a new design featuring both copper and brass metals, designed and patented in the USA by Garm Beall. The large flowers are pure copper and are supported by a thick hand cast brass base. The base is detailed brass. The flower cups are connected with pure brass links to create a gorgeous sculptural piece for your home, and it functions beautifully. As the chain patinas with age, the copper and brass will take on different tones of color for a truly unique look. With a large central hole, this chain will handle diverse rainfall conditions.

Type: Cup Style

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