Waterflow Index

The Waterflow Index™ is an easy way to compare how much water each of our rain chains can handle. "Splashing", or water that escapes from the chain, is also an important factor.

The Waterflow Index™ created by designer Garm Beall, is given as a range from one to five droplets.


water flow index 1

Link style chains, like our Large Copper Link Rain Chain or our Architectural Links Rain Chain get the lowest rating of 1. They splash the most and deliver the least amount of water to the ground directly from the chain. This may still be a great option for you if the chain is far enough away from walkways, walls, doors, etc. These rain chains will still direct the fall of water to the ground, reducing erosion.

water flow index 5
A large cup style option, like our XL Scallop Cup Rain Chain, gets our highest rating of 5. It splashes the least and delivers the most water to the ground.

All of our other link style and cup style rain chains fall somewhere within this range.

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