Lily Flower Cups Rain Chain


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  • Cost per linear foot: $19.50
  • Copper plated 304 high grade stainless steel
  • Redesigned for improved drainage
  • Comes with V-hook for easy installation
  • Number of cups per 8 ft. length: 19
  • Recommended Accessory: Installation Kit
  • 3.5 Out of 5: Water Flow Index

Rain Chain Specifications:

Cup Width Cup Height Bottom Opening
3 1/8" 2" 1" Hole

NOTE: We gladly accommodate special orders, large orders, custom lengths, and even small samples; please contact customer service or fill out our Custom Length Rain Chain Form.

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More Product Information:

This is a new and improved version of one of our most popular rain chain designs! Each cup has a large hole in the bottom for improved water drainage. The cups make an elegant lily flower shape handmade in 304 stainless steel, plated with pure copper. Thick copper links are joined directly to the flower cups to give this chain a unique, substantial design. The copper plating will age naturally outdoors. 

This rain chain in particular makes a beautiful tinkling sound in a light rain!

Very easy assembly with no tools, it takes just a few minutes. It comes with a pure copper v-hook for easy installation.

Type: Cup Style