Honeysuckle Rain Chain


Aluminum & Bronze are on back order. We're currently accepting pre-orders for the next shipment. This rain chain is crafted by hand and is currently in production. Aluminum is estimated to ship in February. Bronze is estimated to ship in March.
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  • Cost per linear foot:
    • Pure Copper: $21.00
    • Bronze Powder-Coat: $18.00
    • Aluminum: $18.00
  • Long, tapered flower cups will handle heavy rainfall
  • Comes with V-hook for easy installation
  • Top wires supplied; assembly required
  • Number of cups per 8 ft. length: 14
  • Recommended Accessory: Installation Kit
  • 4.5 Out of 5: Water Flow Index

Rain Chain Specifications:

Cup Width Cup Height Bottom Opening
4 1/8" 5" 1"

NOTE: We gladly accommodate special orders, large orders, and custom lengths; please contact customer service or fill out our Custom Length Rain Chain Form.

More Product Information:

The latest addition to our cup style rain chain selection is the Honeysuckle Rain Chain! A beautiful new large cup chain, to handle all waterflow conditions, available in pure smooth copper, raw aluminum, or aluminum powder-coated in our exclusive bronze color. In the shape of a long honeysuckle flower, this elegant shape just needs a hummingbird to come drink from it! Unfinished, the copper rain chain will age beautifully over time. The bronze powder-coat will remain a dark brown color. To prevent damage in transit and reduce packaging volume, the upper wires are shipped separately from the cups, so some assembly is required. It takes just a few minutes to assemble and no tools are required. Comes with a V-hook for easy installation.

Type: Cup Style