Standard Rain Chain Installation Kit Dimensions

Standard Installation Kit Specifications:

Rain chains are the most functional when they're installed with an installation kit. Let's look at the dimensions and design of the Standard Installation Kit that we offer!

Top Dimensions

2 5/8" x 4 1/8"
The top flange of the Rain Chain Installation Kit will cover the hole in your gutter and ensure water runs down the tube and onto your rain chain.

We recommend using caulk on this section during the installation process. This will help secure the installation kit to your gutter and prevent water from leaking out underneath it.

Rain Chain installation kit top dimensions

Outlet Length

3" long
The length of the tube is important when measuring for a rain chain, your chain will start 3” bellow the gutter with this kit. Keep in mind you can hang your rain chain from either the bolt or the bottom part of the included D-clip.

It's always a good idea to order a little extra length to ensure your rain chain is long enough to anchor securely to the ground.

Rain Chain Installation Kit Tube Dimensions

Outlet Diameter

2 1/8" tapers to 1 7/8"
This is the diameter of the slightly tapered tube that will extend down out of your gutter.

It's important to ensure the hole in your gutter is at least 2 1/4" in diameter so this tube will fit.

Rain Chain Installation Kit Tube Dimensions

Sleeve Dimensions

3 1/4" x 4 3/4"
This is a great feature that allows you to increase the flange size on your installation kit and cover a larger existing hole in you gutter.

This is common when replacing a standard downspout. The larger surface area also helps reinforce your gutter. Simply place the sleeve inside your gutter, then slide the installation kit down into the circular opening.

Rain Chain Installation Kit Sleeve Dimensions


0.25 lbs.
Rain chains and all their accessories are designed to be as lightweight and strong as possible to ensure that your gutters support them. The weight of them shouldn’t be a concern in most circumstances.

Installation Instructions

Rain Chain Installation Kit Weight