Loop Kit Installation Tutorial

Loop Kit Installation Instructions:

You may have ordered your Hand Hammered Copper Dish, Hand Hammered Aluminum Dish, or Square Hammered Copper Dish with a Loop Kit. This Loop Kit is the perfect solution for securing your rain chain to the dish. Make sure you take a moment to locate your Loop Kit, it will be packaged separately in the box with your dish. Watch the quick instructional video below explaining how to attach your Loop Kit to your beautiful new Hand Hammered Dish.

Follow these steps to install your Loop Kit:
  1. The Loop Kit is designed to fit through the 5/8" pre-drilled hole in your dish
  2. Unscrew the round bottom bolt from the Loop Kit
  3. Place the bolt inside the pre-drilled hole from the bottom
  4. Thread the top section with the loop back into the bottom bolt
  5. Attach the section of Copper Accessory Chain to your rain chain

We recommend adding some decorative stones to your dish to weigh it down and keep your rain chain in place on windy days. Now you're ready to enjoy your beautiful new dish!

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