Hand Hammered Copper Dish with Loop


This item is on back order. We're currently accepting pre-orders for the next shipment. This rain chain is crafted by hand and is currently in production. Estimated to ship in August.

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  • Designed specifically as a catch basin for rain chains
  • Hand hammered; pure copper
  • Loop is screwed in from the bottom and cannot come off
  • A great complement to copper rain chains


Width Depth
16" 3"

More Product Information:

This variation on our Copper Dish is designed specifically to go with your rain chain! With a solid brass loop in the center and a section of light copper chain (included), you can easily secure your rain chain to the ground with this beautiful terminal point (product is not designed to be suspended). Fill it with pebbles or plant it with ground cover for a gorgeous effect! Color and surface texture may vary, as each one is made by hand. In our new patented design, the loop is screwed in from the bottom and cannot come off.