The importance of custom length rain chains!

May 09, 2023

The importance of custom length rain chains!

We see it all the time, and maybe you have too... Rain chains that don’t get close enough to the ground!

When you choose your rain chain it's very important to choose the proper length, so the rain chain gets reasonably close to the ground below your gutter. This is important because otherwise you won't be able to properly secure the rain chain to the ground, and several issues will be created. Let’s take a look at some of these problems and the best ways to avoid them.

Proper Function

In order for a rain chain to function properly it should be securely attached to the gutter and ground, it should be hung vertically, and the cups or chain should get close to the ground. If your rain chain dangles way above the ground, you won’t be able to anchor it. In many climates, wind is a factor. If your rain chain moves significantly in a rain storm, water won't run down to the ground properly and you'll get a lot of splashing. Even if you prefer not to anchor your rain chain to the ground, we always advise getting the appropriate length so that you don't experience excessive splashing.

Damage Prevention

When rain chains are left dangling in mid-air, they can more easily cause damage. High winds can move un-anchored rain chains very easily since most are designed to be lightweight. This means they can swing in the wind enough to potentially hit surrounding structures and cause damage to the rain chain itself or even your home's exterior.


When you see a rain chain that ends way above the ground, it takes away from the overall design of the rain chain and your home. Instead of looking like a functional addition to your homes architecture, it can look completely out of place. This is why we offer rain chains in custom lengths, so you can purchase the perfect length rain chain for your setup. We'll help you every step of the way to ensure your rain chain is an appealing, functional addition to your home and landscaping.

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