How to Measure for Your Rain Chain

Measuring for your rain chain is simple, but there are a few factors you'll need to consider.

The overall length of the chain will effect it’s functionality and the accessories you use will impact the overall length of the chain you'll need!

Tape measure for measuring your rain chain

Measuring for Your Rain Chain

This process is simple and only requires a tape measure and a ladder. Simply measure from the bottom of your gutter all the way to the ground directly below. Make sure you're not measuring on an angle to simulate the rain chain hanging straight down, as is required for it to properly function. The length of the tape measure is the length of chain you should order. Often you will get a half foot reading, in this case it's always better to order a little extra length to have some extra chain to work with. Be sure to subtract the height of anything you might use on the ground below your rain chain, such as a large basin, dish, rain barrel, etc.

How Length Affects Functionality

Most of the rain chains we offer are only sold up to 15 feet. This is because the longer a rain chain is the more splashing you will experience when it rains, especially with link style rain chains. We recommend using a link chain reducer for longer length link style rain chains to reduce splashing. Cup style rain chains function much better in longer lengths.

If you would like to use a chain that is longer than we sell on our store, feel free to fill out our Custom Length Rain Chain Form, and our team will send you an invoice for your desired length. Keep in mind that some accessories, such as link chain reducers and installation kits will affect the overall length of your chain.

Arts and Crafts Cup Style Rain Chain and the Cast Oval link Style Rain Chain

Using Accessories with Your Rain Chain

When you add installation accessories to the top and bottom of your rain chain they will affect the overall length you'll need to order. All of the accessories we offer have dimensions on their product pages. You can simply subtract the height of the installation kit or other accessory you choose from the overall length you measured for your rain chain.

It's important to remember that all of the rain chains we offer are handcrafted and their exact dimensions will vary slightly. It's a great idea to use an anchoring method with some accessory chain. We offer dishes and anchor stakes that come with a 1-foot section of lightweight copper chain. This extra chain will allow you to adjust the length of your rain chain for a perfect fit at the bottom. We also sell this as a separate product if you need extra after you hang your rain chain!