Where's the best place to hang a rain chain?

June 06, 2023

Where you should hang a rain chain on your home

One of the primary considerations when choosing a location for your rain chain is visibility. You want it to be easily seen and admired by both residents and passersby. Here are a few options to consider.

Rain chains are a great touch to your home's exterior. They divert water from the gutters, creating a beautiful display as the water cascades down the chain. If you're considering installing a rain chain, it's essential to choose the right location to maximize its visual appeal and functionality.

Front Entryway

Hanging a rain chain in the front entryway is an excellent choice as it will be visible from the road, adding curb appeal to your home. Additionally, the front entryway often has good drainage, ensuring efficient water flow down the chain. For a symmetrical look, consider using two rain chains.

Rain Chains hung on front entryway

Outdoor Seating Area

If you have an outdoor seating area, positioning the rain chain in a spot visible from this area can create a captivating visual element. However, it's crucial to place it at a distance from the seating area to avoid splashing. While rain chains inevitably produce some splashing, you can still enjoy the soothing sound of water as it descends while sitting outside with guests.

Rain Chain hung by outdoor seating area

Corner of Homes

The corners of homes provide an ideal spot to hang a rain chain. The overhangs on roof corners make the rain chain stand out and become a focal point. There is usually nothing obstructing the view, allowing the rain chain to capture attention. If it is visible from indoors, you can also enjoy watching the rain chain during heavy downpours, creating a cozy ambiance.

Rain Chain hung on homes corner

Corner Leader-Heads

Corner leader-heads are an innovative alternative to traditional gutters. They serve as both a functional and visually appealing element, efficiently channeling rainwater while adding architectural interest.

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Rain Chain corner leader head

Functionality: Areas with Good Drainage

In addition to visual appeal, it is essential to consider the functionality of the rain chain. Ensure that the location you choose has proper water drainage during rain showers. This will ensure that the rain chain operates efficiently, with water cascading smoothly down the chain links or cups. If you have a section of gutter where a traditional downspout would be located, this likely a good option for hanging your rain chain.

Choosing the right location to hang a rain chain is key to maximizing its visual impact and functionality. Consider visible locations such as the front entryway or corners of your home, as well as areas visible from your outdoor seating area. Additionally, corner leader-heads offer a unique alternative to traditional gutters. Lastly, prioritize areas with good drainage to ensure optimal performance. By carefully selecting the placement of your rain chain, you can enhance the beauty of your home's exterior and create a captivating and functional feature.

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Rain Chain hung from homes corner