Why is copper used for rain chains?

January 10, 2022

Copper Rain Chain and Installation kit

Copper rain chains are very popular because of their durability and beauty. Here are a few things to keep in mind about copper.
Copper is an ideal metal for rain chains!

Rain chains made out of copper are great because they will last a lifetime! Most of our rain chains are made from pure copper, this means you won’t have to worry about chipping or other damage to the chain over time. Copper is a soft metal that will hold up in rainstorms and wind better than other more brittle or rigid metals. One of the most popular reasons people prefer copper rain chains is because pure copper will age beautifully and patina over time. Also, many gutters are made of copper, so it's the perfect pairing! 

Copper Link Style Rain Chain
Patina Copper Rain Chain
The Patina Process

Copper patina is actually the pure copper corroding over time. Keep in mind, copper is unique in the way it corrodes because it will not weaken the metal or corrode through the rain chain like how other metals will rust. The way each rain chain will patina is unique to the exact climate it's in and even the position on your house. This means every rain chain will be unique after it ages!

There are ways you can speed up the patina process if you want that blueish green color right away. By mixing white vinegar and salt in a spray bottle with some water and spraying the chain, you will be able to accelerate the patina process. However, we always recommend letting your rain chain patina naturally. Many customers ask if there's a way to coat rain chains with paint sealer to prevent copper patina. This method is hard to do and takes lots of maintenance, so we don’t recommend trying to prevent the patina process from taking place.

Copper Installation Tips

If you decide to use an Installation Kit in copper as well, make sure you take great care when installing it in your gutter. This is because our copper installation kits are also made from pure copper and most gutters are made from unfinished aluminum. When these two different bare metals are placed on each other they could become destructive to one another. The best way to prevent this is by coating the underside of the installation kit in an outdoor caulk. By covering the underside of the kit, you will create a barrier between the two metals and you won't have to worry about the metals corroding. The caulk also helps secure the installation kit to the gutter and prevents water from leaking under the installation kit.

We hope you find the perfect copper rain chain to accent your home!

Copper Rain Chain Installation kit
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