Using Rain Chains Without a Gutter

August 22, 2022

Corner Leaderhead for rain chains

Even if your home doesn't have gutters, it's still totally possible to use rain chains!

Have you ever noticed some rain falling off a section of your roof and thought... that would look cool with a rain chain! Our customers often ask how they can utilize rain chains even if they don't have a gutter system. Here are a couple of the most common and simple solutions we offer up.

Corner Leaderhead for Rain Chains:

These are a great option that will allow you to use a rain chain where there isn’t a gutter. Designed to fit in the “valley” of 2 intersecting roofs, it's fabricated to fit a 90-degree angle. These spots are great places to collect water and funnel it down a rain chain. The Corner Leaderhead comes with a removable brass screen in the top to let water in and keep debris out. It's a beautiful way to solve a common drainage problem!

Even if you live in an area that doesn't receive a lot of rainwater, but you'd like to add a rain chain, this is a great way to do it! 

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Add a Small Section of Gutter:

Another option is to add a small section of gutter anywhere your roofline pitches towards the ground. This will allow you to collect some of the rainwater that falls onto your roof and funnel it down a rain chain. Keep in mind the amount of water flowing down your rain chain all depends on your particular roof and the amount of rainfall you receive. We always recommend consulting with a gutter contractor for installation. Also, consider using an Installation Kit to help your rain chain function as best as possible. 

If rainwater is falling off your roof in large amounts, it might be a good idea to contact a gutter contractor and add some gutters anyways. Rainwater can cause damage to your home or landscaping if not properly diverted. Even a small section of gutter can make a huge difference and prevent rainwater from eroding your landscaping. 

There are many different types of homes with a wide variety of drainage solutions, so please feel free to contact our support team at if you have any questions!