Rain chains: How long is too long for your home?

January 08, 2024

Maximum length you can have a rain chain

Rain chains have become a popular and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional downspouts, adding a touch of elegance to homes and gardens. However, when it comes to choosing the right length and style rain chain, several factors come into play.

We feel it's important to offer rain chains at customized lengths to fit each unique home perfectly. If you need a longer length rain chain to fit your home, finding the right style will depend on factors like location of the rain chain, architectural design, wind, and weight, which can all pose potential challenges.

Most of the rain chains we offer are available in lengths up to 20 feet as a standard option. This length is suitable for most rain chain styles to maintain function. While our recommended maximum is 20 feet, some customers opt for longer chains without encountering issues. Please keep in mind more rainwater splashing will occur with longer lengths. It's also essential to consider the potential impact of wind and weight on longer chains.

Factors Influencing Rain Chains Over 20 Feet

Wind and weight are the primary factors influencing the suitability of longer rain chains. The impact of wind and weight differs for cup style and link style rain chains.

Cup Style Rain Chains:

  • Larger cup style rain chains tend to catch more wind, especially at longer lengths.
  • Placing cup-style chains in areas protected from wind or securely anchoring your rain chain will minimize potential issues.
  • Cup styles are generally lightweight, making weight less of a concern.
  • Larger, heavier designs may require gutter reinforcement for long lengths.
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Link Style Rain Chains:

  • Link style rain chains have a lower wind-catching profile and are less affected by wind. It's still recommended to securely anchor your chain.
  • Cast link rain chains are heavy so additional weight can be a factor.
  • Counter this issue with additional gutter supports to ensure stability.
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In conclusion, rain chains can be installed at lengths up to 20 feet, however consider factors such as wind, weight, and the specific style of the chain. By carefully assessing these considerations, homeowners can enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of their rain chain installations.