Anchoring Your Rain Chain to The Ground

January 25, 2022

Anchoring Your Rain Chain to The Ground

One of the most important things to think about when choosing and installing a rain chain is how you want to anchor it to the ground.

There are several ways we recommend securing your rain chain to the ground, each application has advantages for specific situations. It’s important to always have your rain chain secured to the ground in one way or another. If the chain is simply hanging from the gutter than there is a strong possibility that wind will blow the rain chain into your home and cause damage to either the chain or your home. Here are the best ways to secure your rain chain to the ground!

Stake It to The Ground

The simplest way to anchor your rain chain to the ground is by using an Anchor Stake or Anchor Pin. These stakes provide a single point on the ground for you to attach your rain chain to. They come with some extra accessory chain to get the perfect fit. We suggest having rocks around the stakes rather than mulch or dirt because falling water will erode garden beds and landscaping. Stakes are a great option for those looking for a minimalist look.

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Use a Catch Basin or Dish

Basins and dishes are great for garden beds with mulch or material that might erode because the basin can take the force of falling water and help prevent it from washing out landscaping. They also work great if your rain chain is hung over a driveway or patio area. Plus, they look great!

Take a look at the Bella Basin, Scallop Basin, and Hand Hammered Copper Basins to find the one that will work best for you. We suggest adding some drain holes to help with drainage and adding some stones for extra weight to help secure your rain chain! To secure your rain chain to the basin, you can either run the rain chain into the basin and hold the last cup in place with stones, or you can use a Loop Kit. A loop kit can be installed into the bottom of the basin and the included section of lightweight chain can be attached to the last link or cup to secure the chain.

We do offer several dishes that come with the loop kit pre-installed (Hand Hammered Copper Dish with Loop, Hand Hammered Aluminum Dish with Loop, and Square Hammered Copper Dish with Loop) to make securing your rain chain easy!

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Use a Flowerpot or Planter

Flowerpots and planters work a lot like our catch basin there are many more options out there though which will allow you to find something that matches your home perfectly. We offer a Loop Kit that allows you to attach a chain to anything you’d like. Make sure you add some stones to the bottom to ensure proper drainage. If you aren’t in an area that receives heavy rainfall, you can even plant some flowers in the pots to add some more style to your rain chain setup!

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Collect Rainwater with a Rain Barrel

As sustainable living becomes more popular, more people want to use rain barrels to harvest rainwater for gardening. This is still possible with rain chains, and it’s a great way to secure a rain chain to the ground. Make sure you choose a rain chain with a highly rated water flow index; these are usually cup style rain chains. By running the rain chain down to the collection hole in the rain barrel, you can easily collect rainwater. Depending on the exact style of the barrel you can either use wire to secure the chain to the barrel or run the chain down into the barrel. Make sure the chain hangs straight down from the gutter into the barrel to prevent water spillage.

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