Why it's important to measure for DekoRRa Faux Rock Enclosures

November 13, 2023

Why it is important to pick the correct faux rock enclosure

When it comes to disguising unsightly outdoor objects like utility boxes and wellheads, DekoRRa Rock Enclosures are a popular choice.

If you're considering using one of these artificial rocks to conceal something in your outdoor space, it's crucial to measure properly to ensure a perfect fit!

Interior dimensions are different than exterior:

DekoRRa Rock Enclosures are known for their realistic appearance, but remember that the interior dimensions are different from the exterior.

This design choice is made for a good reason. The strong materials used to construct these rock enclosures causes the interior dimensions to be smaller. This difference ensures that the exterior looks authentically natural while maintaining the structural integrity and durability of the rock. Therefore, measuring your object accurately is crucial to ensure it fits within the rock's interior space.

Rock dimensions change with height:

Another factor to consider when measuring for a DekoRRa Rock Enclosure is that the rocks taper in size as they get taller. In other words, the rock enclosures are not uniform in shape but vary in size based on their height. This ensures that the covered object fits snugly under the enclosure, allowing it to perform its function effectively.

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Selecting the perfect rock:

Choosing the right DekoRRa Rock Enclosure might seem like a daunting task, especially if you're new to landscaping or outdoor design. Fortunately, we offer a form to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Custom Rock Sizing Form

In conclusion, measuring for DekoRRa Rock Enclosures properly is essential to ensure a seamless fit for your outdoor landscaping needs. These rocks can also be quite large, which makes return shipping inefficient and costly. With resources like our DekoRRa Rock Sizing Form you can make your outdoor space both beautiful and functional.