Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner


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  • Specially selected blend of natural minerals
  • Balances compost PH
  • Great for worm composters
  • Increases compost worm productivity
  • Preserves essential nutrients
  • Helps control of pest infestations
  • Reduce compost odors
  • 9 inches high x 2.8 inches in diameter
More Product Information:

Keep your worm composters healthy and running efficiently with this compost conditioner. This special formula is designed to balance the pH levels of your compost to keep it ideal for your compost worms. This will be a great way to increase their productivity and provide your garden with even more compost as they can digest larger quantities of food. The natural minerals in this compost conditioner will also help preserve the key nutrients in your compost, making it more effective fertilizer. This balance system of happy worms and nutrient rich compost will also be a great way to prevent your compost from smelling bad!

To use simply sprinkle over the top of your compost once a week!

Download Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner Data Sheet

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