Worm Buffet Composter


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  • Low maintenance
  • In-ground composter
  • Builds healthy soil
  • Perfect for raised garden beds
  • Can process 4.5 lbs. per week

Product Dimensions:

 Length Width Height
12.5" 12.5" 19.5"

More Product Information:

This simple, new design for a worm farm is a great way to get started on your composting journey! The Worm Buffet is an in-ground-composter that utilizes composting worms working in and around a garden to move and breakdown organic waste.

As the worms move in and out of the Worm Buffet composter, they will move the organic waste you dispose of throughout your garden. This will in turn fertilize your gardens soil and help aerate the soil!

It's hard to beat the low maintenance design and process of this composter. You won't need to harvest or move worm castings as the worms will do all of the work for you when they move in and out of the in-ground composter!

Type: Composters