Venetian Vertical Garden 3 pack


Desert Sand
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  • Three stackable planter pods
  • Can be stacked indefinitely
  • Drain holes to prevent root rot
  • Plenty of vertical space for plant growth
  • Light, durable Polyethylene
  • Made using FDA approved, BPA-free plastic
  • Made in the USA


Length Width Height
18.5" 18.5" 20.5"

Type: Planters

More Product Information:

The Venetian Vertical Garden is a stacking, vertical planter. Each planter can hold about 2 gallons of growing media and thanks to its circular construction, can showcase plants and vegetation on all sides. This is especially useful for controlling the amount of sun or shade received by certain plants by strategically positioning the planter around the home or among foliage. The pods can also be stacked as many as desired (max 6 recommended) or used as individual planters around an area. When stacked in an offset fashion, there's plenty of vertical growing space, allowing taller plants to grow up between the pods without being hindered. Each pod is made from polyethylene, a naturally inert and incredibly strong material that's weatherproof and nature proof. There are also several drain holes that allow moisture to escape to avoid root rot. Made in the USA with several color options.

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