Vegepod Winter Cover - Small


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  • Clear non-permeable PVC
  • Creates a greenhouse/hothouse environment
  • Protects plants from winter elements
  • Creates a micro-climate
  • Enhances plant growth

Pairs with the Small Vegepod Raised Garden Bed.

More Product Information:

The Winter Cover (aka Hothouse Cover, Greenhouse Cover, or Propagation Cover) is made from clear non-permeable PVC. These covers are custom cut and hem-sewn to sheath easily and snugly over all three Vegepod canopies.

The Vegepod Winter covers create a greenhouse/hothouse environment for plants, allowing sunlight to come through and trapping the heat in, while keeping extreme cold and precipitation out. This not only protects plants from the sharp cold, winds, frosts, and snow but also creates a micro-climate to enhance growth!

For extreme cold or poor light environments, users are recommended to take off the existing mesh Vegepod Canopy before putting on the Winter Cover. This will remove the 17% shade provided by the mesh canopy that comes with your Vegepod. For climates where it is not so extreme, then users can simply sheath the covers straight over the top of the existing mesh.

These Winter Covers are also used for protective early plant propagation (raising of seeds/seedlings), early season planting (e.g.: winter tomatoes) or season extenders (summer crops into autumn). Please take care to remove covers as soon as periods of warmth begin, or you could risk ‘cooking’ your plants!

*Please note we cannot ship this item to Alaska or Hawaii