Vegepod Kitchen Garden


  • Self-watering container garden
  • Generous growing depth
  • Full sun spectrum LED growing lights
  • Manual and auto-mode lighting
  • Adjustable light height
  • Water gauge
  • Requires 10-12 dry quarts of premium potting mix


Length Width Height Weight
23.6 in 8.6 in 12.9 - 24 in 6.6 lbs.

More Product Information:

This Vegepod Kitchen Garden allows you to grow food, whenever you want, whatever your climate, whatever your space!

The Vegepod Kitchen Garden is bringing indoor edible growing back to soil, how Mother Nature intended it! Vegepod’s signature self-watering reservoirs are adopted in Kitchen Garden, combined with the full spectrum UV lights above to promote amazing growth rates.

With adjustable light height, plug, manual switch or timer-controlled app, using professional grow lights have never been easier! Take your cooking to the next level and have delicious fresh growing greens all year round in your home.

Whole Kitchen Garden set is included – soil and plants are not included.

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Set up and watering: