Sonora Bat House


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  • Single chamber design
  • Comfortably fits 40-50 bats
  • Fully assembled and ready to hang bat house
  • Easy to use mounting system
  • Includes hardware to mount on most wood surfaces
  • Informational pamphlet and instructions

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More Product Information:

Are you looking to provide a habitat for a helpful creature that will reduce insect and pests in and around your home? Bats are the perfect solution! The Sonora Bat House is a single chambered design. It can comfortably fit 40-50 bats.

The Sonora Bat House is a great way to invite bats safely into your backyard and ensure they’re helping to fight the rising mosquito population in a sustainable way! The beautiful design and craftsmanship make this bat house a feature you'll want to display.

Sonora Dimensions:

Width Height Depth
17" 32 1/2"

Type: Bat Houses

The BatBnB Difference:

Tall Chambers

Tall bat houses allow for cooler temperatures inside that are better for the bats that call it home.

Durable Grip

BatBnB bat houses are designed with machine cut grooves that mimic their natural habitat and allow for safer roosts.

Great Ventilation

Proper airflow is key and BatBnB is designed with ventilation and interior temperature in mind for safer and happier bats!

Superior Protection

BatBnBs are built with the highest quality lumber and sealant to ensure great insulation and long-lasting bat houses, which means more comfortable bats.

Quality Craftsmanship

BatBnBs are built with the highest quality lumber and sealant to ensure great insulation and a long-lasting bat house. The ergonomic design with handcrafted joinery means fewer screws and nails are used, which is safer for the bats! BatBnB made entirely of sustainably sourced Western Red Cedar and constructed in the USA!

*Please note we cannot ship this item to Alaska or Hawaii

Why invite bats into your yard?

Put simply, bats are natural insect repellent for your backyard! A single bat can eat up to 1,000 bugs in an hour. This means the pesky insects in your yard will be easy meals for the bats living near your house.

Whether you’re seeing insects damage your local garden, or your simple want to enjoy an evening without being bugged, bats can help you out. Because of the bats big appetites for bugs, they also help local farmers and allow them to use fewer chemicals to rid their crops of insects. Bat populations are also on the decline and giving them a safe and well-built home will support your local ecosystem in a sustainable way!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Deborah P Smith
Beautiful Bat House

Once had a very small bat house but it was taken down(not by me) and discarded
This house is a luxurious BNB for any bats which choose to come and reside with me.
I know it may take some time to have occupants but I believe in organic, natural insect/pest control. The fact that they can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes per night each is very comforting. Knowing how many risky viruses and diseases which mosquitoes transmit and having that reduced is wonderful.
The added bonus is the guano they produce which I can use to fertilize my large, organic garden.
I have mine mounted on a second story balcony post just off my kitchen window but with sunlight to warm it during the day.
I now have a bat house a bee house, a ladybug house and looking forward to finding any other beneficial insect housing I can find.

Hi Deborah, thank you so much for leaving such a nice review. We love these Bat Houses. Please keep us posted on how things are going when you start getting some residents. :)