Soil Machine PRO


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  • Wheeled base can store compost tea
  • Large 12" twist lid
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Black color for heat absorption
  • 100% recycled, BPA-Free, FDA approved plastic

Assembled Dimensions:

Depth Width Height Weight
29" 22" 25" 28 lbs.

Type: Composters

More Product Information:

The Soil Machine PRO is a 7 cubic foot compost tumbler with a wheeled base. The handles provide excellent grip to make turning even easier compared to other models and crank versions. The 12" twist off lid keeps your compost safely closed off but is easy to remove and even doubles as an extra turning point. The ends feature aeration holes which provide much needed airflow for the compost batch with the option of drilling more for those who live in areas with low air currents.

The Soil Machine PRO's unique geometric shape helps in compost agitation, increasing composting effectiveness. The wheeled base allows for effortless turning and can easily be separated to allow the compost bin to roll freely from place to place. It also collects and stores compost juice from the bin which can be used to help with fertilizing plant roots. The low profile ensures that it stays out of sight and won't be blown over in high winds like competing units. The Soil Machine PRO is made using 100% recycled, FDA-approved, BPA-free polyethylene. Just turn the compost tumbler once a week and see compost in 2-6 weeks. Help keep organic waste out of our landfills by getting a Soil Machine PRO compost tumbler today.

*Please note we cannot ship this item to Alaska or Hawaii