Rain Chain Installation Kit 6" Extension


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  • 6” long extension tube
  • Pairs with standard Installation Kit for flat gutters
  • Pairs with Half Round Installation Kit for rounded gutters
  • Helps to direct water onto the rain chain
  • Simple assembly required

Please keep in mind the Installation Kit is sold separately, this is the extension tube only.

More Product Information:

This 6" extension tube pairs with the standard Installation Kit (RC-RCR) and the standard Half Round Installation Kit (RC-RCR-HR). This is the perfect add-on if you need to lower your chain by 6 inches or if your installation kit needs to pass through a soffit or roof.

The Rain Chain Installation Kit 6" Extension comes with a screw and nut as shown above. The D-Clip that’s included with the Installation Kit is meant to be relocated to the bottom holes of the extension. Your rain chain can be connected to either the bottom of the D-Clip or the bolt depending on what works best for your setup.

Protected by US Patent (US 11,221,059 B2)