Pet Poo Composter


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  • Compost your pet poo fast
  • Free organic fertilizer to enrich your soil
  • Perfect for backyards and gardens
  • No mess – no fuss – no odor
  • Vermin proof rim
  • Non slip foot pedal
  • Stylish fitted lid

Need Composting Worms?

Red Wigglers  are the most common composting worms as they can tolerate the greatest range of environmental conditions. You can expect 800-1000 worms per pound. 

We recommend ordering composting worms after you receive your worm farm.

We recommend Meme's Worm Farm to order composting worms. Click Here to see their selection.


Height Width Diameter
115 cm / 45.3 in 45 cm / 17.7 in 52 cm / 20.1 in

Type: Composters

More Product Information:

The Tumbleweed Pet Poo Composter breaks down your dog's poo with worms! Pretty cool huh? Composting worms along with awesome microbes are able to break down dog poop into castings.

Cat poo is also acceptable to put in your Pet Poo Composter, however if it's mixed in with cat litter then the chemicals in the cat litter will actually harm the worms. This is also the case with natural cat litters. The crystals that soak everything up impact the pH of the pet poo.

The Pet Poo Composter is designed to be installed in the ground which means you'll never have to move, harvest, or touch your dog’s poo after it’s been put in the Pet Poo Composter.

We do not recommend placing the Pet Poo Composter by your vegetable garden or other edible plants.

By placing the Pet Poo Composter in a flower garden or next to trees, you will be able to dispose of pet waste and other organic scraps in the in-ground composter. The worms are able to break the poo and kitchen scraps down into castings and then move these nutrients around the surrounding area via the bottom half of the Pet Poo Composter.

How to Recycle your Pet Poo:

We recommend using a ratio of 50% pet waste and 50% kitchen scraps and other organic waste. This ratio is an ideal diet for your worms. This particular in-ground composter is insulated so it will allow you to compost better in colder environments.

*Please note we cannot ship this item to Alaska or Hawaii