Medium (34") Reversible Rollout Nest Box


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  • Chicken nest box
  • Up to 32 hens
  • Weight 32 lbs.
  • Material: G-90 Galvanized
  • Dimensions 34"L x 20"T x 19.5"W


  • Brown Nest Pad (NXT V5.2)
  • Quick Attach Hanger (x2)
  • Predator Back Lock (x3)
More Product Information:

HenGear nest boxes were specifically designed to keep your eggs unbroken and clean of dirt and manure. Our slightly angled floors are covered with a removable grass-like cushion that allows a freshly laid egg to roll safely into a separate collection compartment, away from your hens.

Reversible Design - Our nest boxes offer the ability to mount egg collection trays on either the front or rear side of the nest. Hinged Back - Access nest box from outside your coop: collect eggs, exclude hens, lift roost bar, and latch optional AutoRoost.

Extended Pad - (NXT V5.2) - All HenGear nest boxes include a brown pad that extends fully into the collecting area, ensuring eggs are kept safe and clean, compared to wire floor designs.

Roost Bar - To keep your nest pad clean, the roost bar can be raised to exclude hens from the box after the eggs have been collected, thus preventing manure build-up from hens sleeping in the box overnight.

Tray Curtain - Our exclusive black curtain provides a barrier between the collection tray and nesting area, safeguarding eggs from determined egg-eating hens.

Quick Attach Hangers - Makes installation of your nest box simply effortless.

Privacy Curtain - Our red privacy curtain features five-inch-wide cutouts, making entry into the nest simpler compared to older V-cut designs. Additionally, its red color attracts hens, as chickens are drawn to this hue.

Manufacturing process - high-precision hand-craftsmanship and CNC laser cutting technology.

Type: Nest Box